'Bad Apple'

Music Video

Client work, 2019

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Director/Lead Modelmaker/Animator/Co-Editor/Compositor: Emily Cross

Co-Director/Producer/Co-Editor: James Watson

Storyboard Artist: Tamara Richards

Junior Modelmaker: Fionnula Blossom

Director of Photography: Lily Grimes

Gaffer: Alejandro Restrepo Celis

Co-compositor: Adrianna Polcyn

Colourist: Joshua Idusohan

This was a commissioned project for 'The Dabhands'. 

It was my music video debut and was very mix-media. This project required a lot of research and development and took me just over two months from the initial concept to delivery.

I used a mix of  live action, stop-motion animation, green screen, cut-out animation,  2D animation and 3D animation. 

The music video was premiered on 'Already Heard'. You can find the link here

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