Emily Cross

is a mix-media animator/director based in the Surrey hills

and London.

Emily is an animator who is a recent graduate from Ravensbourne University in London studying Animation, specialising in stop-motion and experimental computer animation.

"I like to find new ways of expression. Different mediums give a completely new and fresh outcomes.

My favourite kind of work is ones where I can be the most wild and creative. If thats making stop-motion characters or simply making a mess in my studio."

When she began her art foundation at Central Saint Martins, she always knew that being a free spirit and letting her imagination run wild is the way forward in projects. Giving that different edge to challenging briefs.

Her dissertation topic was on 'Authenticity in Animation Filmmaking', subverting the idea of perception within a filmmakers world in an animated context.

Since, she's directed and visualised her first music video in a live-action set up. Mixing stop-motion animation, digital animation and live action together to create a visually different piece.

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